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Wooden Venetian Blinds
Venetian Blinds Develope History
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Application of Venetian Blinds

As we all know venetian blinds are one kind of the most tranditional and polular window blinds in all over the world. Now the most popular venetian blind in US and Europe markets is: faux wood blind, aluminum mini blind, pvc mini blind, and some other new materials venetian blinds. In this markets, you can eailiy found these items in the shops of home depot,walmart,ikea,online shops like amazon, ebay.

Top brands of venetain blinds in USA: hunter douglas,budget blinds,nien made ,blinds to go,norman,lowes,levolor,mainstays,bali,lowes.

Top brands of venetain blinds in Europe: argos,john lewis,dunelm ,wickes,wayfair,laura ashley,warema.

Most of these companies own their window blind factories locally, in order to meet the customized need of blinds customers.But most materials are from China. JSL blind factory is confident to offer same high quality and premium ready made venetian blind as them brands.

History of Venetian Blinds

The history of Venetian Blinds is colourful and extends back many hundreds years:

Venetian blinds were thought to have originated in Venice, Italy. In fact, Venetian blinds have been invented in Persia

In 1761, venetian blinds were used in St. Peter’s Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States.

In 1767, John Webster, a trader from London popularised the use of Venetian blinds in the United States.

In 1787, Venetian blinds were seen in the painting of J.L. Gerome Ferris titled, “The Visit of Paul Jones to the Constitutional Convention.” Illustrations of Independence Hall in Philadelphia featured Venetian blinds when the Declaration of Independence of the United States was signed.

In 1841, John Hampson of New Orleans invented the mechanism that lets people easily adjust the slats.

In the 1940s, Venetian blinds made with aluminium and metal slats appeared. Venetian blinds were embraced by decorators of commercial and institutional buildings because they were more durable, easily operated, and economical.

In 1966, a new design for the pulley system was developed. This created greater control in the operation of the blinds.

Today, Venetian blinds not only has cord operation, but also has cordless(using spring), which is much safety for children and pet, electric control, much convenience.

cordless PVC venetian blind

Moreover, the slats became narrower as well as made from other materials such as aluminum or vinyl, fauxwood, wood , slat width has16mm, 25MM and 50MM, and the ladder has normal ladder and cloth tape, matching color. Most of venetian blinds have the valance to cover, Giving much idea for the designer to decorate the house

cordless fauxwood venetian blindPVC cordless vertical blindmini aluminum venetian blind

Let’s expect new style venetian blinds by people wisdom

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